🗃️ Tвиттер-аккаунты по теме PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) and Tools for Thinking

Отобрала по принципу максимального количества интересных для меня идей и полезных материалов за последние полгода

Scientists, Researchers, and Educators

Eleanor Konik - I teach (& research) ancient civilizations, then write stories & articles inspired by all eras of history… which involves a fair amount of notetaking :wink:

Danny Hatcher - Educational scientist researching learning, behavior and cognition.

Calhistorian Instructor. Historian. Digital productivity coach (DM). Views are my own. #Roaman #SoTL

Nick. ai research @openai (on sabbatical for a bit), likes meditation and future psychedelics; takes impermanent, imperfect, and alive

Writers and Bloggers

Ramses Oudt. Community Manager @logseq • Writer @ThinkStackClub • Systems thinker • Aspiring Stoic • Tweets about learning, philosophy, improving in small increments

Santi Younger I make YouTube videos on Productivity Apps / Tools. Merging Philosophy + Productivity.

TfT Hacker Exploring Tools for Thought space and PKM, with focus on tools like Obsidian, Craft, LogSeq, RemNote, AthensResearch, OneNote, etc http://tfthacker.medium.com

Creators and Coaches (PKM niche)

Anne-Laure Le Cunff “The Gals’ Guy” • founder @ness_labs, neuroscience x education, metacognition & tools for thought

Ev Chapman I help creators transform that forgotten bundle of notes they’ve been clipping for the past 10 years into an endless library of tweets, essays & articles

Cortex Futura. I write about making Knowledge Management more useful and dynamic: Knowledge Ops and Algorithms of Thought. Consulting on shared knowledge graphs.

Tiago Forte. The Second Brain Guy | Teaching people how to build one for themselves: http://buildingasecondbrain.com | Writing: http://fortelabs.co/blog | Videos: http://basb.io/youtube

Developers and developer advocates

Andy Matuschak Interested in ideas around enabling more wonder, more insight, more capacity, more joy. Currently exploring tools that augment human memory and attention.

swyx :man_technologist:t4: Dev Experience: @DXTipsHQ, Temporal, AWS, Netlify, :orange_heart: Dev Community: @SvelteSociety, devtools-angels

Nicole van der Hoeven Developer advocate @k6_io I help people run load tests, build a multinational life, and take better notes.

Conor White-Sullivan Co-founder of @RoamResearch . Believer in tools for thought

Zsolt Viczián I tweet about business analysis, algorithms of thought, note taking, journaling, visual thinking, task management and productivity.

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